Help Tiffany go to Worlds in Turkey!

Dear Friends,

On October 7th I will be traveling to Ankara, Turkey to represent the USA at the 11th World Wushu Championships. While many countries offer a significant amount of financial support for national team athletes competing in the sport of wushu, such is not the case in the USA. US wushu team members will be personally responsible for covering all costs for this competition, including travel and accommodations. I am holding this small fundraiser in an effort to help defray some of these costs.

I’ve listed below the approximate total costs for the plane ticket and hotel costs for this competition. While I do not expect to raise enough to completely cover all of these fees please know that even a little bit of helps! I sincerely appreciate your consideration and generosity and will keep you in my thoughts for helping me on my journey to compete in Turkey.

With this fundraiser, I pledge to continue supporting the wushu community at large by volunteering my services as a judge, and by supporting other wushu athletes in their endeavors to achieve their dreams. I also pledge to train my hardest in order to give my best performance ever in what will most likely be my last serious competition of my wushu career.

Please have a look around my site to learn more about wushu and my wushu career. Thank you all for your support and “jiayous”! 🙂


Fundraiser details:

Fundraiser goal: $1,750 USD
Funds raised to date: $0

Travel & Accomodations Approximate Costs
Plane ticket from San Francisco, CA to Ankara, Turkey (stops in Istanbul) via Turkish Airlines & United Airlines, including taxes $1,300
Hotel (approximate based on previous competition costs), $45 per night x 9 nights $450
Total: $1,750

    • If possible, please donate using your bank account! While PayPal accepts any form of payment, there are no fees and the transaction is free when the money comes from your bank account or PayPal balance.

    • If you use a debit or credit card, PayPal deducts a fee of 2.9% + 30 cents USD from the amount donated before I receive it–but that’s okay too!

    • If you choose to include your shipping address, I will mail you a thank you note and photo from the competition when I return!


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